The goals of the "Association for Scientific Publishing and Research - ASPUR" are:

1. Bringing together scientific and professional workers to raise the level of knowledge, awareness, and to facilitate collaborative work in the development and application of existing knowledge.
2. Providing assistance to engineers and managers in industry and other systems in their scientific and professional development and organizing suitable forms of continuous education.
3. Monitoring contemporary developments in science and technology within broader areas of quality and indicating trends, events, and possible changes in this field.
4. Offering opinions and optimizing technical and technological solutions in investment and other endeavors from the standpoint of quality, environmental protection, software and information technology, materials, industrial engineering, and management.
5. Participating in the creation of regulations and standards in areas of interest that are not within the jurisdiction of the state.
6. Reviewing and providing professional opinions on plans, programs, findings, and other activities relevant to the development of engineering, technology, and production in Serbia, with regards to quality, environmental protection, software, information technology, and issues in the field of industrial engineering and management.
7. Publishing, as well as encouraging and assisting in the publication of various types of publications (books, journals, special publications, manuals, etc.) that in a certain way contribute to the development and affirmation of the mentioned scientific fields (quality, ecology, software, information technology, materials, industrial engineering, management, as well as other scientific fields).
8. Mediating between authors and publishing houses, as well as providing training and support to authors in the process of submitting and publishing scientific and professional papers.
9. Organizing, maintaining, and assisting in the maintenance of scientific and professional conferences in the field of interest.
10. Facilitating connections between scientific and professional institutions and individuals with corresponding institutions in the country and abroad.
11. Education, science, culture, information, environmental protection, sustainable development.
12. Collaboration with industry and other professional and scientific institutions.
13. Participation in projects of national and international character.

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