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With great enthusiasm, we would like to extend an invitation for experts in different scientific fields to become the Editor-in-Chief and to start the new journal.

You can have a creative opportunity to set platform for researchers and experts to share their discoveries and knowledge in the field that you select. Your role as Editor-in-Chief would be pivotal in shaping the journal's direction and success.

As Editor-in-Chief, your responsibilities will encompass a range of key tasks that are crucial for the journal's growth and impact within the academic community. These responsibilities include:
Formation and Leadership of a Review Team: Your first responsibility will be to build and lead a team of reviewers who will evaluate manuscripts submitted to the journal. Your leadership in this capacity will ensure a rigorous and equitable review process.
Promotion of the Journal: Active engagement with the academic community, sharing the latest hot topics within the journal's scope, and encouraging authors to contribute their valuable research will be among your key duties.
Decision-Making Authority: You will have the authority to make critical decisions regarding the acceptance or rejection of manuscripts, guided by your expertise and the input of the review team.
Quality Assurance: Ensuring the excellence of published content will be a top priority. You will oversee cross-checks and verify that all published work meets our stringent quality standards.
Ethics: Ensuring the highest ethical standards proposed by COPE

In addition to these responsibilities, we are pleased to inform you that we will provide all the necessary logistical support to facilitate your role as Editor-in-Chief.

In return for your commitment and contributions as Editor-in-Chief, you will enjoy several benefits, including:
Access to the Latest Information: You will gain access to the latest information and updates from ASPUR, enhancing your understanding of the evolving academic publishing landscape.
Global Collaboration: Collaboration with an international group of experienced researchers will expand your academic network and enrich your perspective.
Certificate of Recognition: We will provide you with an official certificate recognizing your role as Editor-in-Chief, a testament to your dedication to advancing scholarly research.
Online Presence: Your name and a dedicated personal webpage will be prominently featured on the journal's website, bolstering your professional presence within the academic community.

Your expertise and leadership are highly valued, and we believe that your involvement will significantly contribute to the growth and impact of our journal. Your contributions will not only enhance the quality of published research but also foster academic advancement worldwide.

If you are interested in accepting this invitation, please let us know, and we will be delighted to provide you with further details and discuss the next steps. You can contact us mail.

Thank you for considering this opportunity, and we look forward to the possibility of working together to advance the boundaries of knowledge.

Best regards,

Association for Scientific Publishing and Research -ASPUR


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